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When can I expect to receive my Blank Invitations and Envelopes order?

We do our very best to ship all blank stock orders received before 12:00 pm EST Monday through Friday the same day. After 12:00 pm EST your order will ship the next day (we do not ship on weekends or holidays). If all items are not in stock, we will email you and give you a time frame on when they will again be available. We ship USPS or UPS. We do not guarantee your shipment will arrive on a specific date. We ship cheapest way possible, NOT fastest way possible. If you need an order to arrive faster or guaranteed, call us to request a price. All orders will take between 2 and 9 days to arrive.

We shrink wrap all orders according to the amount you specify, i.e. if you order 90 envelopes, they may arrive shrink wrapped in a block of 90 or two blocks of 50 and 40, etc. We shrink wrap in different increments in order to save money, create less waste, make shipping lighter to cost less, and use less packaging material to be more environmentally friendly and make recycling easier. We also use biodegradable shrink wrap on all our items.

OUR RETURN POLICY: Please count your order immediately upon arrival. If anything is missing, you must call us to request the missing items to be shipped, and they will be shipped as soon as possible with no charge to you. If you find that your blank stock does not work out for your project, you can return for a refund or exchange. Items for a full refund must be returned UNOPENED, IN ORIGINAL CONDITION and WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF PURCHASE. You must call us to confirm a return and obtain an RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. You must get this number as we sometimes require you to ship a return to a different address. Products opened but unused and in resalable condition may be returned for a refund or exchange. Upon receipt, we will determine if the product is in resalable condition (in other words, if you took 1 card out and decided it would not work, we will accept the return for resale, as long as it arrives back to us undamaged). Double Formal or Wedding envelope sets must be returned as original equal sets. Product that has been printed on, cut or used will not be accepted for a refund.

All packages accepted for return will be charged a flat restock fee of $3.00, which pays for a recount and new shrink wrapping. Shipping charges will not be credited for the original shipment or return shipment. We require insurance and delivery tracking numbers on all returns. If the items are damaged when they arrive from poor shipping and packing, we will deduct all the damaged items from the credit total. We are not responsible for items lost in shipping. We are not responsible if you ship without a tracking number and the items get lost, or you ship without insurance and the items get damaged.

Clearance items are not returnable. Custom printed orders are not refundable, as printing is done from a signed proof approval page. If you find printing mistakes made by us, please contact us and we will reprint and ship at no charge.

TIP: Avoid costly returns by measuring your cards before you order envelopes.  Many people design a card before they find an envelope, thinking it will be easy to find the correct envelope size to fit. This is not the case. Envelopes are converted into several standard sizes for the retail market, so make sure you find your envelope before you print and cut your card.



What are your card stock and envelopes like, and why can't the card stock be a heavier weight and thicker?

We offer Folding Cards and Single Cards with an embossed front or a smooth front. Our folding card stock is an 80 pound cover weight. Our A7 single card stock is an 90 pound cover weight, all other sizes are 80 pound. Our card stock is NOT a 110+ lb. COVER, TAG or INDEX WEIGHT. Almost all home laser and ink-jet printers can only handle a 67-80 lb. Bristol, or an 80-90 lb. Index, which is comparable to what we sell. If you try to use a heavier card stock, your printer will most likely jam, as the rollers cannot open up enough to compensate for heavier card stock. Also, if you use a laser printer, a heavier cover weight is usually too thick to bake the toner onto the paper, and ink-jet inks will most likely smear if the roller grips jam. If you want to use a heavy cover weight paper, you will probably need to go to an offset printer to order the card stock and have it printed.

You can always get four Free Samples from us to test your printer, and you should read your owners manual to make sure your printer can handle the card stock weight, but most printers in use today will have no problem with an 80 - 100 lb. cover stock card.

We buy from exactly the same paper mills and envelope converters the large invitation companies buy from. We can keep our prices a little lower because our overhead is low, but the quality is just the same. All our paper and envelopes are made right here in the USA, are 30% recycled, acid free, lignin free, carbon neutral, and is made PCF: Processed Chlorine Free.



What does "Embossed Front" mean?

An Embossed front is It is the most classic and traditional card made. A single square or rectangle is indented or "pressed" into the paper on the front of the card. This makes a raised border all around the edge of the card. They are also referred to as "debossed" or panel front cards.

Close up of an embossed front card.

Embossed Front Single and Folding Cards

Single and folding embossed front cards.


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